Creatuanary 2019, a collaboration of Dibujantenocturno, Rafater and Joshuacairos. In January 2019, the artists come together to create an illustrative series of different fantastic specimens. Accompanied by an explanation of each being, the illustrations stand out for their unique creativity on the part of each artist.

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Creatuanary is a project that we created between Rafater, Joshua Cairos and Fran Garcés (Dibujantenocturno). For us it is a very personal project. We started it three years ago as a simple drawing challenge, to practice, share and have fun drawing creatures.

The mythological beings of different cultures have been present in the three editions, in addition to many other creations of science fiction, mixtures of animals, etc. It consists in drawing a creature every day of the month of January. We do it by following a list that we publish. And every day we publish our creation with the hashtag #creatuanary, in this way we share it with all the participants.

This 2019 edition has been incredible, we are very happy with this project carried out. A lot of people participated and we exceeded 18,000 publications. Great artists joined our initiative, and that was fantastic!

For all this, we are excited to offer this book. In which we collect the best of everything that has been creatuanary until now. The book will also feature works by other great artists whose contributions to the challenge have been impressive.

We really believe that if you like fantastic art and the art of creatures, this is your book!





Size: 21 x 28 cm.

Interior: 208 pages to 5 + 5 inks.

Binding: Hardcover, 3mm, straight back and color head.

Laminated: matt Soft Touch.

English and Spanish version


Creatuanary, is made of 170 gram semi-matt coated paper. Printed 4 +4 colors and varnished on both sides with varnish on printing, for greater strength and durability of the illustrations, as well as great protection. It is bound in 3mm cardboard, lined in 170 grams and matt Soft Touch plastic. Sewn with vegetable thread, and colored heads.

A book of around 1.5 kilograms of weight with a content of 208 pages.

Creatuanary contains the best illustrations of Dibujantenocturno, Joshua Cairos and Rafater.

The project consists of the illustrations of the artists, together with the description of the different mythological beings that appear. For this, its characteristics and most outstanding features are explained in detail, as well as various curiosities of each one.

In the book, we can also find illustrations of other artists who have participated in the month of Creatuanary this 2019. Thanks to the collaboration of all, the book will collect the different representations of each being, showing the work of the artist and its artistic essence.






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