How should I pay?

Payment for the book will be made exclusively on the payment gateway of CAIXABANK or PayPal, through the website of

You will need a credit card.

I am trying to make the payment and the form does not accept the card

Make sure that your card allows this type of operations.


The purchase form tells me to wait a moment

Surely there are more customers buying the book at that time. Please retry in a few minutes.

Shipping costs

The shipment is made through a company specialized in handling, logistics and shipping of works of art. All shipments are insured by the purchase amount. For this reason, shipping costs are accounted for independently, depending on the place of shipment.

When will I have my book?

You will receive notifications of the process of making the book after placing your order, as well as a notice when shipments begin to be made so that you are attentive to receive it.

Attention COVID-19 !: during this situation we cannot establish a shipping time period, especially for those products of international destination, since many foreign customs remain closed. Please, wait for the arrival of the product.


How does the book reach the customer?

By certified courier service directly to the customer. The person who has made the purchase, and who appears in the order data, must be the one who collects the volume. The package will not be delivered to anyone other than the owner of the order.


What happens if the package arrives and I am not at home?

The messaging service will have your phone. It will contact you to confirm a new delivery of the package. That is why it is very important that a contact telephone number appear on the form.

What happens if the book is lost or damaged during transportation?

As it is a certified shipment, the courier must inform us that the package has been picked up by the customer. We will closely monitor each shipment to avoid loss.

If the book deteriorates in shipping, the customer must immediately send us a photograph showing the damage to the email: From BY we will contact the client to manage the replacement of the copy. Since the book is unique, the replenishment period may take some time. We will be in contact with the customer at all times to resolve the issue.


How long do I have to make a claim?

Since the courier service immediately communicates the delivery of each copy, it must be verified within two days from the time of receipt. Once this period has elapsed, we will understand that everything is correct.


Can I pick up the book at a site other than my home address?

You can receive the book at the address you choose, yes, taking into account that the person who makes the order must receive the package. Simply put that address on the data form when making your purchase.


Can I buy the book through other platforms?

You can enjoy our products on other platforms such as Amazon, but those more exclusive collections will only be available through our website (


Data Protection

The data provided to BY Publications for the acquisition of any of our books is stored in a database that is used exclusively for the management of the sale of the copy in question. We do not send newsletters or advertisements from other volumes than the one you have purchased. However, you will receive, during the book creation process, emails regarding the status of your purchase, volume realization, etc. If you prefer not to receive them, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to: This will not affect, in any case, the shipment of the book you have purchased.

How can I contact BY Publications?

You should send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How much will I pay for shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the city and country where the book is shipped. It will be automatically calculated when you process the order.